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  3. what about the TnM Pirate Crew Repair Rework mod? Crew will fix structures besides just the decks and planks
  4. FadMucker

    missing items

    the discord info is in the announcements section
  5. This mod will be tested after the other mods we are testing. Looks good tho 🙂
  6. We will run theses on the test server over the next few days and see how they go.
  7. I like the [SPUK] Advanced Structures go for it
  8. Tonight at 9pm we are going to have a open community meeting, This is to talk about where we go from here and whats next in MXG Atlas. You will have a chance to put anything forward to us admins. We are open to many new changes and ideas from you guys. This will be your only chance for us to listen and take on what you guys say in many cases. The meeting will be held on Teamspeak. You can download it here https://www.teamspeak.com/en/downloads/ then use this to connect We welcome all to the meeting as this is the main community meeting of the year. Thanks for reading guys and we hope to see you all at the meeting.
  9. I already tested the Automated Atlas and Advanced Structures on other server. Automated Atlas is cool but not realy needed i think, Advanced Structures on the other hand is awesome and give some more options to build a nice base !!
  10. yeah looks awsome just waiting now for it to be done
  11. Frigate sounds realy interesting
  12. What a lovely aesthetic ship..........How many cannons will it take ?!?
  13. Soon as its done get it sorted!! Man o war oh yeah
  14. Agreed...a bit premature if you ask me. Something to keep an eye on though...
  15. HaroldMott


    Welcome Death!
  16. Sparky


    Welcome Death 🙂
  17. Moved as its asking things.
  18. awesome, whats the current rates of the cluster?
  19. 15x7 atm i think it is so u can sail from a1-n1 down to a7 to n7 should be open if i am right the other side of the map be open this coming week hopfully
  20. Me and my buddies were thinking of all migrating here from official, last i checked someone mentioned it being 15x15? 🙂
  21. i would say keep an eye on it myself. it may never be functional unfortunately 😞 Currently this is a placeholder whilst the remaining items are built and tested.
  22. BrazyCastard


    Hey Death Welcome to Monsterx Gaming
  23. Death


    Been a while since i've used any forums for the games ive been playing but this seems seems pretty sick so far. Me and my crew are hoping to call it home for a bit!
  24. they are still being worked on its not tottaly done yet this mod it does say ther still testing things on it
  25. I'm against it. who knows if they are balanced for pvp. and after 22.03. there will be new ship leveling system so it will be fun if this mod breaks existing ships before it upgrades.
  26. no as they are not ships part of the game standard ships
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