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  2. Sparky

    Server Rules + Details

    [UK][MXGaming]Whitelisting in 2 weeks|RP asylum|Hiring Admins IP : No cheating: This includes hacks, map glitches or bots (macros are okay). Player Name Your Player name cannot be derogatory or contain swear/Vulgar words. Players shall not advertise using their player name Faction Names if your Faction Name changes more then once every 30 days. You must notify an admin and get approval of said name change. Due to Raiders/Trolls masking their actions. Any name changes not approved by admins within the 30 days, will result in the members of the faction being banned for life. The Faction name must not be offensive, advertise, or contain swear/vulgar words. If you are unsure on the classification of your tribe name, contact a community admin. Building: Building is permitted anywhere. But do not build in the same place as another faction unless both Faction agree. First come first serve. Personal Information: Do NOT post or direct users to private information about other players, this information and peoples personal lives should not be involved in a video game, anyone found posting such information will be permanently banned from all servers.Advertising Players shall not advertise other servers, YouTube or Twitch addresses in game, if you need to share a TS that is fine as long as its related to general chat requests... advertising will result in an immediate ban.Final Word Community admins have the final say in all matters, even if not covered under the rules if he/she finds actions of players are detrimental to the community, action taken outside the rules may be taken to prevent disruption.
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  4. FadMucker

    Hello all!

    hi Alex welcome to MXG, feel free to post threads/topics and even join us on our teamspeak.
  5. BrazyCastard

    Hello all!

    Hey dude Welcome to the community
  6. Tankeyeshd

    Hello all!

    Name: Alex Alias: Tankeyes From: Stoke-on-trent Age: 28 Occupation: warehouse colleague Interests: Art, War history, Gaming, music and my girlfriend's boobs. Fav games: Paladins, Minecraft, Destiny 1 (d2 bag of crap) overwatch, ARK, Call of duty and time splitters I think it was called on PlayStation 2. How I found MXG: errrm first link I saw on Google.
  7. Sparky


    Due to staff walking away from this server i have now shut down the SE server untill we get someone to run it sorry guys.
  8. Sparky

    READ NOW!!!!!

    Hi all, Please read this link as this is not MXG fault.. Devs put a update out at 7pm UK today. https://steamcommunity.com/games/513710/announcements/detail/1705064957161282909
  9. Sparky

    More pic's scum

    me and @FadMucker on are travels.....
  10. Sparky

    Server Move

    Hi all, The server has been moved after reports of lags and rubber banding on the server. here is the new IP
  11. Sparky

    Patch notes

    Added Anti cheat, server admin options and much more! Check down bellow! Anticheat is up an running. We will continue to upgrade it, and keep SCUM as cheat free as possible! P.S - Also using exploits will be considered cheating and can result in a ban. Server admin controls are also added. Sentries got nerfed a bit. (Longer reload times, bigger shooting cone, bigger chance to miss) Fixed ammo exploit bug when using ammo directly from searched objects. Fixed issue where items where invisible but could be picked-up after re-logging into the game. Added natural attenuation for voice chat - Reduced radius for bullet flyby sounds. Fixed bug that sometimes made mouse cursor disappear on the spawn screen Fixed being able to commit suicide while dead. Disabled chat and mic icon in singleplayer. Puppet should now spawn proper meat after chopping, Calorie intake of human meat and puppet meat should now be correct Server password access is thread-safe now. Potential memory leak fix for master server. Refresh button will be greyed out until we received the server list or timed out. Server browser filtering and pinging improvements. Adjusted AK47 run animation. Added search to server browser. Airport Hangar: Doors oppened (now sentries can get in) Airport - Added Danger volumes (Once you enter the danger volume sentries will start looking for you, and if they see you they dont warn you but start shooting immediately) Also added a Bug section on steam threads so check that out and report all bugs you find there!
  12. Sparky

    Scum Admin

    Hi Guys, So scum have now updated the admin commands. It means we can now run the server with admin rights. We will use this as much as possable and keep the server clean for you guys to enjoy playing. For now there is 3 online admins Myself, @FadMucker @LTGenZombie So if anyone has any problems let one of us know. We are always on TS3 and would be faster getting us on there, But still if we are not ingame then the forum PM. We are looking for ingame admins, So if you think you can help us out then come see me or @FadMucker
  13. Sparky


  14. Sparky

    Scum Server Details

    Updated server info..
  15. LTGenZombie

    Server Back up

    The Space Engineers Server is now back up and running all grids have been restored. you will need to search for MxGaming @Jesse @Jeudeboel @synthonym@Pocket Medic@porters94
  16. Sparky

    Scum Server Details

    @BrazyCastard @LTGenZombie @FadMucker @Tyrul @flash @Aveline @Pocket Medic @Jeudeboel @Wolverine @erpozop_a @synthonym @KiLLiC @KaboCastor @porters94 @Nope @CutMyLifeIn2Pizzas @Vahal @LordParedes @OutlawB1lly @Jesse
  17. Sparky

    Scum Server Details

    Hi all, I have got a new server to release.. Welcome to MXG-Asylum... Not wise to end up here.. it's going to be insane. All out PvP. We will release server rules as soon as we can. Now this game is very new and there will be bugs for sure and if we can fix them, Then we will. It is only a 20 slot server for now, If it gets packed then i'll up the slots.. [UK][MxG]PvP Total Annihilation/8xLoot/No Lag! IP :
  18. Jesse

    Mod Request

    Oh awesome. Thanks for reply so fast i honestly thought it would take a few days.
  19. LordParedes

    SE Wyvern Eggs

    Ok, thank you so much!! Gonna continue to try, see if one doesn't auto-spoil 😄
  20. Sparky

    Mod Request

    @Jesse the server is only temp until my admin who runs the servers is back of holidays. This means you all will be given back most of your things and all mods that was on the server will be back on the server. Hope that helps if @LTGenZombie gives me a full list of mods with the id's ill add the lot today.
  21. Jesse

    Mod Request

    I would really like for you to add the "Small Ship mega mod pack" back into this sever. It was the main reason i came back to the server after a while away from it. It comes in really useful and honestly makes the game a million times better Here is the link for the mod pack https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=305329302 If this isnt the exact one that the sever used to have, im sorry but i would like this one or the old one to be added back. Thanks <3
  22. Sparky

    Server Downtime

    @porters94 ill do it now buddy
  23. porters94

    Server Downtime

    Sorry to pester again, but any chance on updating the server to the current space engineers version? As i am unable to join
  24. BrazyCastard

    SE Wyvern Eggs

    yeah its sumthink to do with the eggs hav a global spoil on them so it ther sat ther for ages the spoil wen u pick them up its just luck i think maybe we can look at the settings for the se flyers again and ajust it
  25. LordParedes

    SE Wyvern Eggs

    Hi, i've been waiting to get a Ice Wyvern egg on Ragnarok Server, but all the ones that i found and get are always bugged and insta-disappear from my inventory. Is there a spot here that doesn't happen?
  26. Sparky

    Server Downtime

    should be up now
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