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  1. This mod will be tested after the other mods we are testing. Looks good tho 🙂
  2. We will run theses on the test server over the next few days and see how they go.
  3. Sparky


    Welcome Death 🙂
  4. Moved as its asking things.
  5. Hi, This info is for me to know sorry. The hardware is Dual Xeon CPU's 4T SSD drives. and 6 x 1gb ports. why do you ask anyways lol :)
  6. This may be put on hold with the changes to the update to atlas...
  7. So should we drop that to x2 ? lol
  8. But many other servers have tried it out and it seems to work for it.
  9. Locked Topic.. Thanks all for your views 🙂
  10. What is your in-game name? What is your player ID? What role is your Application for? Have you submitted an app before? Have you been banned in MXG Atlas before? Have you done admin work before? Please tell us about yourself below...
  11. ORP is not needed if ppl spend time making a solid base but ppl don't seem to want to do that. they just want to say how unfair it is. ORP is for PvE i believe.
  12. Fad is doing something about them you can be sure of that mate.
  13. Hi all, I wanted to share this with the sailors of the seas. If you brake the very simple rules we have set then we have no choice but to move you in with us, until we can ban you off these servers. Atlas is very new and it has very little ban commands. So this is what happens for now, us admins will set bounty's in game. Once set there is very little places you can hide.. You will be locked up here for as long as it takes for us to get your steam ID, so that we can ban you. Before the ban you will be hanged live on stream for everyone to see. So with that said lets not hope this happens to you!
  14. Thank you for the post. Next time make a player report here https://www.monsterx-gaming.co.uk/index.php?/forum/26-report-a-player/
  15. Welcome to MXG Atlas 🙂
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