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  1. yeah looks awsome just waiting now for it to be done
  2. 15x7 atm i think it is so u can sail from a1-n1 down to a7 to n7 should be open if i am right the other side of the map be open this coming week hopfully
  3. BrazyCastard


    Hey Death Welcome to Monsterx Gaming
  4. they are still being worked on its not tottaly done yet this mod it does say ther still testing things on it
  5. no as they are not ships part of the game standard ships
  6. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1675801947 What you guys think about this mod adds 4 more ships to the game could give some epic sea battles vote on a poll below see what you think
  7. ther is only 2 mods on the server well 1 on all grids 2 in freeport stacking mod and server ui thats all
  8. yeah mine is fine for me dont hav any trouble maybe verify ure files as well
  9. delete all ure map files fad suggests that should solve it
  10. hmm thats a weird one that cant see ive never ahd tht did u try and relog into the game shut down game and steam and relaod it back up
  11. oh thanx for supporting the community dude
  12. WElcome to Monster x
  13. BrazyCastard


    ello muthefucker Welcome hehehe
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