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  1. BrazyCastard

    Hello all!

    Hey dude Welcome to the community
  2. BrazyCastard

    SE Wyvern Eggs

    yeah its sumthink to do with the eggs hav a global spoil on them so it ther sat ther for ages the spoil wen u pick them up its just luck i think maybe we can look at the settings for the se flyers again and ajust it
  3. BrazyCastard

    Minecraft Server Is Back Up

    We Are pleased to announce the Mincraft (Craftbukkit) Server is Back up and running Details Below. Details : Ip : Plugins : PermissionsX, Vault
  4. BrazyCastard

    Server Downtime

    the space engineers server is being sorted out now host been busy sorting out other stuff sry guys
  5. BrazyCastard

    Server Downtime

    i'll look into it and let u how long its going to be
  6. BrazyCastard

    Community Teamspeak 3

    Hi Guys We have our own Community Teamspeak 3 for all our games everyone is welcome so come join us and have a chat & laugh TeamSpeak 3 IP:
  7. BrazyCastard

    Mod Suggestions

    we are looking at a couple that maybe we can use just checking that ther working ok before we add them
  8. BrazyCastard

    Mod Suggestions

    yeah am sure we can find some that work ok
  9. BrazyCastard

    Ark ScreenShots

    Some ArkWork
  10. BrazyCastard

    Mod Suggestions

    yeah its a great mod but like fad said 1 we used crashed server but i think ther is a few new 1 maybe we could look into see if ther good maybe
  11. BrazyCastard

    Increase maturation stats

    i think it can be changed up or down but at x2 its ok some might see it slow but if u think it should be changed do a poll let people vote on it see how it goes
  12. BrazyCastard

    Increase maturation stats

    Lol np killic il move it to right area
  13. BrazyCastard

    Servers saying Offline status

    Ragnorock is back up dude ip is is new server ip
  14. BrazyCastard

    New Server IPS!!!!

    i can think of sumthink else u call him too sparky haha
  15. mod request are put to a vote by players/admins who run the game if it passes it would be added to the server

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