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  1. yeah looks awsome just waiting now for it to be done
  2. 15x7 atm i think it is so u can sail from a1-n1 down to a7 to n7 should be open if i am right the other side of the map be open this coming week hopfully
  3. BrazyCastard


    Hey Death Welcome to Monsterx Gaming
  4. they are still being worked on its not tottaly done yet this mod it does say ther still testing things on it
  5. no as they are not ships part of the game standard ships
  6. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1675801947 What you guys think about this mod adds 4 more ships to the game could give some epic sea battles vote on a poll below see what you think
  7. ther is only 2 mods on the server well 1 on all grids 2 in freeport stacking mod and server ui thats all
  8. yeah mine is fine for me dont hav any trouble maybe verify ure files as well
  9. delete all ure map files fad suggests that should solve it
  10. hmm thats a weird one that cant see ive never ahd tht did u try and relog into the game shut down game and steam and relaod it back up
  11. oh thanx for supporting the community dude
  12. WElcome to Monster x
  13. BrazyCastard


    ello muthefucker Welcome hehehe
  14. Welcome harold to mxg community
  15. lol well everyone is allowed ther views on this thats why we made this post for to see what kinda of views people had with the orp
  16. This is now getting dealt with by the admins to sort it out please give us time as we are busy with server updates and grid openings as well Thank you BrazyCastard
  17. yeah defo tek like i said the rules are gonna be rewritten so ther easier for people to understand
  18. We cant control the claim flags in-game thats all dev side what we can control we are doing best we can.You can take a base as much has i hate this idea yeah as long as u don't destroy it for no reason when its claimed so the owners can reclaim it back but i no the claim thing is crap thers not a lot we can about this with the flags as we have no control the 50% rule applies when raid u only need to break what u need to get inside don't go stupid. The rules for raiding pvp is gonna be rewritten so people can understand it better
  19. ther is a ship limit its 140
  20. Atlas PvP Server Rules These Rules currently apply to All servers and apply to All Players Global Chat : All players must speak English when using global chat, if you want to chat in your native tounge with some company's or players then form a Alliance with them and use alliance chat, other wise use English in global All other chat channels are exempt of the above rule. PvP: PvP is 24/7 on this server You can kill any level sleeping player. If a player is being hostile with a Animal towards you, you have every right to defend yourself and kill that player and Animal. Excessive Damage: Excessive damage is based on your base design, don’t build everything so compact people need to destroy your whole base to get into something, excessive damage won’t be applicable if your base is small, very cramped and contained. Excessive damage may be considered if 50% or more of the base structure is destroyed (if raiding screenshots may be required). Boats have no protection under excessive damage and can be destroyed. Harassment/Griefing Rules: You must not repeatedly target a single player when they re-spawn, e.g camping at their front door and killing them repeatedly as soon as they come out or exit the boundaries of their base. Griefing is considered repeatedly harassing/killing someone over a 3 hour period and preventing them from playing. Hostages: A hostage is to be only taken for up-to 2 hours, then must be released once the 2 hours has expired. You are not permitted to take the same player hostage for at-least 48 hours (but can be killed). If the tribe who detained the prisoner all log off, they must release/kill the player. Once you have a hostage, you are required to announce "_____ is now a hostage".. for example Player is now a hostage..... this creates a public record of when the timer starts, failure to do this can result in a player choosing any of your Animals as compensation if the timer goes beyond 2hrs (proof required by prisoner). Players below level 8 cannot be caged. Map Glitching & Map Exploits: under no circumstances is map glitching exploiting tolerated on our servers this will be delt with severely, Any Company or player found doing this will be banned from the server for three days and then 30 days then a perm ban, Any Structure found inside mountains buildings ect is map glitching, Players glitching into buildings and walls ect expoting the Base flag cap system so people cannot take base's Keep All strutures ontop of the map were they should be be warned Admins will be checking bases. Respect: please be respectful to ALL players and Admins we are trying to keep it fun and friendly for every one to enjoy them self's,
  21. Hey dude Welcome to the community
  22. Hi Guys We have our own Community Teamspeak 3 for all our games everyone is welcome so come join us and have a chat & laugh TeamSpeak 3 IP:
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