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  1. I am in full support of adding Advanced Structures even in it's current state it is far superior to vanilla. I'd also support adding the Indiaman as long as everyone is aware that future updates could make their ships disappear or lose placed content. Automated Ark has no useful features worth taking up a mod slot and crew are already easy to get and keep, no need to make it easier.
  2. The only reason I am not on unofficial is because I dont have the time to be wiped and rebuild on servers with low rates. Here I can rebuild in a few hours if need be, its not over crowded, so I am not going to find myself being smacked every five minutes and I can move away if I am. This server already favors PvE'ers it doesnt need anymore deterrents from being PVP or you might as well just make it a PvE server. It was hard enough to get a naval battle on official thats over crowded, We need changes to encourage more not less.
  3. I believe everyone is for a Barrel Nerf, we are splitting hairs on making a call for ORP and I feel any decision without a overwhelming majority will leave a bad taste in peoples mouths on top of any cons that already come with the decision to use ORP.
  4. I have over 2k hours logged into Ark and have admin'd Ark servers that were well populated and active. ORP kills pvp servers, as raiders who raid or harass you will just combat log making them invulnerable to retaliation.
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