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  1. FadMucker

    missing items

    the discord info is in the announcements section
  2. there will be other stuff during the week to keep things entertaining if we decide to do this, but has of now this is just a discussion.
  3. companys are more than welcome to have agreed wars during the week, aslong has both sides agree i dont care what happens and theres a possibility that if we change to weekend raids we will remove the excessive damae rule and change others too.We have also been talking about adding in events during the week to keep thing fun and entertaining too.
  4. If the weekend raid rule gets introduced we may possibly remove the excessive damage rule, whats your opinion on this?
  5. Can you give us your opinion on weither or not you would like the server rules changed to weekend raids only except for the open seas. Companys may agree to go to war at anypoint of the week and must make this public news. We have also been talking about adding in events during the week to keep thing fun and entertaining too.
  6. whats your characters average weight
  7. Decreased mating interval by 0.5 Increased mating speed by x2 Increaded egg hatch speed by x3 Increased baby mature speed by x3 Added Anyone Imprinting
  8. - Added Custom Item Stack [Mod] mod settings may change in the future - Increased animal weight per statpoint
  9. Welcome to the community Drantis
  10. Custom Item Stacks https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1629667379
  11. hi Alex welcome to MXG, feel free to post threads/topics and even join us on our teamspeak.
  12. FadMucker


    Firstname: Danny Alias: FadMucker Age: 33 Location: United Kingdom Occupation: unemployed Favorite games: Ark SE, Heroes of the Storm Your hobbies: playing games and watching movies Interests: Naked Women Where did you find about MxGaming?: Community Founder
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