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    Firstname: Andreas Alias: Kakor Age: 23? Location: Swedistan Occupation: Demolishing cars i guess. Sometimes i suck dick, you know everything for the money Favorite games: The only game i play consistenly is CS:GO Your hobbies: Car building when im not a lazy cunt Interests: Food Where did you find about MxGaming? Mr Kevin
  2. The atlas server is now up for testing for all donators. Server IP Server name MonsterX official PvP UK 15x15 So what you can do is either enter the ip in steam and add it to favorites, which you can fin under view, servers, and then press add server and just enter the ip and add it to favorites, you should then find it under favorites in Atlas. Also make sure to post your steamID in discord under the donator tab. Make sure to join Teamspeak before you join!
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