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Possible New Mods to Checkout

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So having a trawl of the workshop and looking at some cool mods, was looking to gauge opinion of both devs/admins and community.



One Pay Crew - Unlocks a tavern where u can recruit crew 100 gold & 2 grog but no Maintenance.


Indiaman Ship -

NEW SHIP that is all.


Automated Atlas - Rip off of the Ark AA but would be a great addition



Advanced Structures - AUTO OPEN AND CLOSE DOOR.... life begins here lol


Just a starter for a discussion 🙂

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I am in full support of adding Advanced Structures  even in it's current state it is far superior to vanilla.

I'd also support adding the Indiaman as long as everyone is aware that future updates could make their ships disappear or lose placed content.


Automated Ark has no useful features worth taking up a mod slot and crew are already easy to get and keep, no need to make it easier.

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I already tested the Automated Atlas and Advanced Structures on other server.

Automated Atlas is cool but not realy needed i think, Advanced Structures on the other hand is awesome and give some more options to build a nice base !!

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